Oriental Rug Cleaning Fort Myers

Oriental and area rugs are incredibly beautiful, and have their own sense of originality and uniqueness that cannot be found anywhere else. When placed upon tile or wood flooring, they not only bring warmth and comfort, but instantly become the most gorgeous accent piece in the entire room. Although because of their beauty and how delicate they are, it’s extremely important to have a professional Fort Myers Rug Cleaning Company care for these gorgeous rugs!

A true oriental rug is actually had made. In fact, the artists stitching the rug will purpose to create two or three miss-stitches to create small imperfections, proving that the oriental rug was hand crafted and not machine made! And most of these rugs are actually made of natural fiber such as wool, cotton, jute or sisal to name a few, so they do tend to require a high amount of care and love. This is why rug cleaning in Ft Myers is so important!

We highly recommend having professional oriental rug cleaning in Fort Myers at least once every six months, to once per year. The amount of times to have a rug cleaning in Fort Myers would depend on where the area rug is located in your home, and the amount of high traffic it receives each day.

Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Fort Myers Process

Are you looking to get a high quality oriental rug cleaning in Ft Myers? Look no further! Our extensive and through, six step Ft Myers rug cleaning process, will help restore beauty and natural elegance to your oriental. Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Company in Ft Myers has a specifically designed pre-treatment process for natural fiber that will not only brighten each individual color of the rug, but lift away years of dirt and overall discoloration. Our extensive spot remedy process will focus on treating each individual “oops” stains, while our deodorization will leave the rug smelling crisp and squeaky clean! After our final agitation and through steam cleaning processes, your oriental or area rug will be left looking like the timeless piece of art that it truly is!




Oriental Rug Cleaning Tips for Fort Myers Residents


1.   Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum!

It is just as important to vacuum your area rug as it is to vacuum your wall to wall carpet. Due to the location of your oriental rug, it might even see more use than your carpeting, and since orientals are much more delicate, they should be vacuumed much more often. We recommend vacuuming your oriental rug, or area rug, at least twice per week. This will avoid the buildup of excessive dry soil in the fiber, which will eventually lead to discoloration, and an overall dingy appearance. This is one of the simplest, and most important things you can do in between your rug cleaning appointments in Fort Myers!

Read It Before You Treat It!

Okay… so you get an “oops” stain, and out comes the rubber gloves and your favorite bottle of carpet cleaning chemical. Before you declare war on the stain and go to town treating the spot, read your labels!

As we stated earlier, most oriental and area rugs are composed of natural fibers which are extremely delicate. Read the label on the back of your rug to see what type of fiber your oriental rug is composed of. Then make sure the chemical you are about to use is designated for natural fibers. If you miss this very important step, you could do a lot more damage than good.

Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Ft Myers Company is locally based and ready to help! If you have any questions, or are unsure of how to treat a stain, call us! We’ll guide you through an oriental spot cleaning, or come and tend to the stain ourselves.

3.   Location, Location, Location!

This rule doesn’t apply to just real estate; it applies to the location of your area rug within your Fort Myers home! Just moving your oriental rug to a slightly different location in your home could add years of life and value to it. Although your rug may look beautiful there, kitchens and dining rooms are not necessarily the best area, due to the high amount of traffic and the vulnerability of food droppings.

Also, make sure you rotate your rug once per year so the fiber will wear evenly. This is one of the most important tips and recommendations our Rug Cleaning Ft Myers Company has in keeping your oriental rug, or area rug, looking beautiful for years to come!

Oriental Rug Fun Facts by your Fort Myers Rug Cleaning Company!

Ever wondered what the designs of your area rug truely mean? We were surprised to find out how many of our rug cleaning Ft Myers customers didn’t know just how much symbolism their precious oriental rug actually has! Well, our Oriental Rug Cleaning Company in Ft Myers created this fun facts section just for that!

1.   The border of an oriental rug is created to protect a person who sits inside of it.

2.   An oriental rug with a floral design is commonly created because the flowers are symbolic of paradise! This type of design is known as Palmettes. To be honest, we actually didn’t know this either, but some of our rug cleaning customers in Ft Myers pointed this out to us!

3.   Oriental rugs first became popular during the Middle Ages in Europe. European crusaders came back home with them, however surprisingly enough, Europe never influenced the design of these gorgeous rugs.

4.   The design of a Persian rug often depicts the universe, with heaven toward the top of the rug and Earth toward the bottom of the rug. If you look really close, you might see a door leading into heaven with hair combs around the door on some rugs. Funny enough, this serves as a reminder that God demands cleanliness in heaven!

5.   If you look really close at some oriental rugs, you might find an eight pedaled flower. This is symbolic of a compass depicting North, South, East and West directions!

Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Company in Fort Myers would love to serve you, and are here to help you with any of your rug cleaning dilemmas! We are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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