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Carpet Cleaning in Lehigh Acres, fl ImageWithin the past ten years, Lehigh Acres went through a huge construction boom, where brand new homes sprang up at incredibly affordable prices. Carpet cleaning companies in Lehigh Acres, Fl became very important in keeping these newly built homes clean. Especially since home builders and contractors where known to install “construction grade carpet”, which is commonly viewed by homeowners as low quality, cheep carpet. However, the myth about this type of carpet could not be further from the truth!

“Construction grade carpet”, which is commonly found in about ninety percent of newly built Lehigh homes, actually responds better to a Lehigh Acres carpet cleaning than pricier, more expensive carpet! This is because when it is made in the factory, “construction grade carpet” is heavily coated with a stain resistant chemical, because the carpet is known to take more abuse and neglect than a higher quality carpet would. 

So, before you think about tearing it up, call us!
We’ll give your carpet cleaning in Lehigh Acres an honest try and option, which just might end up saving you thousands of dollars down the road!

If your Lehigh Acres home dose happen to have a higher quality carpet, this too is good for many reasons! Higher quality carpet adds certain elegance to the home, giving it an upper class look and feel. However, overtime that beautiful, elegant carpet can get dirty too. That’s where Steaming Mad Carpet Cleaning of Lehigh Acres comes in!

No matter what type of carpet that resides in your home, it is still prone to heavy traffic lanes and “oops” stains! Our Lehigh Acres Carpet Cleaning Company is trained and fully equipped to deal with even the worst spots!

Our Lehigh Acres Carpet Cleaning Process:

  • Visual carpet cleaning inspection of your home’s spills and spots.
  • Through high suction carpet cleaning vacuum throughout your Lehigh Acres home. This removes heavy dry soil that is embedded in the carpet fiber.
  • Carpet cleaning pre-treatment process that is coated and applied to all of the carpet that we will be cleaning in your home. (No worries! This is completely people and pet safe!)
  • Specific spotting and deodorization procedures in heavily soiled areas.
  • Heavy agitation and grooming of the carpet fiber for a better quality carpet cleaning.
  • Hot steam carpet cleaning process to remove away the spots and stains, leaving the carpet soft fluffy and stain free!

Lehigh Acres is filled with young families that have children and pets. As much as we do love our kids and animals, they can quickly declare war on our carpet! Our dogs often have the attitude of “take me out on time, or else…!” And our children have the never ending quest of scampering throughout our home without taking off their shoes or eating in their bedrooms.

How many times have we heard the famous line of “Oh, I’m not going to spill anything”, almost always followed by a clash of dishes and an “oops” moments later!

It is okay, we have all been there! When your face gets red and you start to feel steam starting to come out of your ears, let our Carpet Cleaning Company in Lehigh Acres Fl come and steam your carpets instead!


Are You New to Lehigh Acres, Fl?
Our Carpet Cleaning Company has you covered! Here are some of our Lehigh Acres Carpet Cleaning Customer’s favorite restaurants and things to do:


Our Carpet Cleaning Lehigh Acres Customers Favorite Restaurants:

1. Angela’s German/American Restaurant                3.   Rib City Grille
1175 Homestead Rd N                                                    1480 Lee Blvd
Lehigh Acres (368-5757)                                                  Lehigh Acres (303-2100)

2.   Canton House Chinese Restaurant                     4.   Maria’s Pizza and Pasta
1231 Homestead Rd N                                                     1129 Homestead Rd N
Lehigh Acres (368-5767)                                                  Lehigh Acres (368-2020)             

Our Carpet Cleaning Lehigh Acres Customers Favorite Things to Do:

  • Kayaking and Canoeing at Hickey Creek Mitigation Park
  • Our carpet cleaning Lehigh Acres customers say they enjoy taking the family bike riding through Lehigh Acres many paved bike routes.
  • Going Bowling at Bowland (located at 1244 Business Way, Lehigh 396-5817)


Steaming Mad Carpet Cleaning in Lehigh Acres Fl would love to steam all of your worries away! So, please do not feel frustrated at those pesky spots and stains that just won’t seem to go away!  We are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!!

Steaming Mad Carpet Cleaning of Lehigh Acres (239) 454-3522


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