Carpet Cleaning Fort Myers

Carpet Cleaning Fort MyersWe all want the comfort and luxury of soft, plush carpet. But a great carpet cleaning in Fort Myers might be hard to come by! Unfortunately, when your new puppy mistakes your white carpet for green grass, all we see is red!

Carpet is a beautiful and expensive feature to your Ft Myers home. It provides a softness and comfort that cannot be found in tile and wood floors. However, since carpet can be prone to stains and high traffic lanes, it is extremely important to care for your carpet, and have routine Fort Myers carpet cleaning, to help maintain its original beauty.

Over time, carpet can begin to have a rough feel and a matted down, cauliflower appearance. Guests and pets can unfortunately lead to a big mess when spills and stains begin to form on the carpet. One day you realize that your carpet is in desperate need of some love and attention.

Well, we speak the carpets “love language”!! We know exactly how to restore your carpet back to bright white in our through carpet cleaning process for Fort Myers residents! Our pre-treatment and spot removal will help rid you of the constant reminder of where the “oops spills” are, while our steam cleaning process will bring back the original look and feel of plush healthy and happy carpet. We recommend having professional carpet cleaning in your Ft Myers home every six months, to once a year, depending on how many people and pets reside at your home.


Our Carpet Cleaning Fort Myers Process

1.   We examine all of the carpet that will have a professional carpet cleaning in your Ft Myers home. This helps us to evaluate the overall condition of the carpet, and understand which areas of the carpet will need the most amounts of love and attention!

2.   We use a through, high suction vacuum to rid the carpet of excessive dry soil, which your every day vacuum cleaner might leave behind. This helps to get a better carpet cleaning in your Ft Myers home.

3.   We use a chemical safe, pre-treatment process to lighten high traffic lanes, spots and stains.

4.   We perform an extensive carpet agitation to all heavily soiled areas in the home for an even better Fort Myers carpet cleaning!

5.   We use a hot extraction steam cleaning method to clean and sanitize your carpet, leaving the carpet soft, fluffy and snuggly!


Carpet Cleaning Ft Myers: Tips and Tricks


1.  Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum!!!

Yes, we know it can be a pain to do, but routine vacuuming is fifty percent of the equation to a happy, clean carpet! We recommend to vacuum a minimum of once per week. Ever wonder where high traffic lanes originally come from? It’s a common question that many of our carpet cleaning Ft Myers customers will ask! High traffic lanes actually originate as dry soil left behind in the carpet that eventually formed “train tracks” throughout your home, when simple and regular routine vacuuming could have prevented it. It’s important to do your part, so your professional carpet cleaning in Ft Myers will last as long as possible!

2.  Just for “Kicks”

Kick off those shoes! Unless your shoes come with tiny wings, really try not to wear shoes on your carpet! Socks, slippers or just bare feet are best. When you wear your shoes, you are bringing all the outside dirt back into your home, which not only makes the carpet get dirtier faster, but distorts the fiber and gives the carpeting a rough matted down feel. Yes, Steaming Mad Carpet Cleaning of Ft Myers knows it’s a pain to do, but your carpet will love you for it!

3.  Cleaning Your Vacuum’s Filter

You should be cleaning or replacing your vacuum filters about every six months, but don’t worry…. it’s easy! Most filters are washable, so just pop it out and wash under the sink using a little bit of dish soap and water. (Just make sure you wait until the filter dries completely before inserting the filter back into the vacuum.) If your filter is disposable, just replace it! (It’s very inexpensive)

If you can’t figure out how to do this, just call! Steaming Mad Carpet Cleaning of Fort Myers will walk you through it. Or we can assist you with your vacuum filter dilemma during your next Fort Myers carpet cleaning appointment!

4.  Our Vacuum Recommendation

If you are in the market for a new vacuum, we highly recommend the Dyson All Floors. (We recommend the model with the wheels, not the ball.) This is the vacuum which our Carpet Cleaning Fort Myers Company uses, and have found it to not only pick up more dry soil than other vacuums, but stand up to the harsh environment and abuse of commercial carpet cleaning in Fort Myers. However, like any other vacuum, you will need to maintain it.

5.  “Resolve” it with a Rag!

Okay… you get a stain, and out comes the resolve bottle. For the next ten minutes you are squirting the entire bottle directly onto the carpet……..sound familiar? So before you declaire war on the stain, listen to this important tip! What goes down from the resolve bottle must also come back up, or the remaining chemical left in the carpet will begin to attract dirt further, which will eventually lead to a larger stain.

Next time you get the urge to keep spraying, take a clean white cloth with you. Spray the Resolve, (or other carpet cleaning solution) onto the cloth first, and then use that cloth to get the stain up. This way, you’re cleaning the surface of the fibers instead of drenching the carpet and padding with needless chemical.

And remember, our Carpet Cleaning Company in Ft Myers is here to help you! Call us if you need some extra guidance or suggestions on how to get out a troubling stain! We’re open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! Steaming Mad Carpet Cleaning of Fort Myers (239) 454-3522

6.  Maintain your Vacuum

Maintenance of your vacuum is crucial to a happy carpet. This is something that you should defiantly do after you’ve had a professional Fort Myers carpet cleaning. All vacuums need to be maintained, no matter the brand or expense. With these simple and affordable steps, the life of your carpet and vacuum can be preserved for years to come.

Change your belt once per year.  Belts are usually less than five to ten dollars, and you can easily change it yourself. Overtime, belts can get stretched out, which will prevent the bristles from turning as quickly.

Most bag-less vacuums have air diffusers inside the dump canister, which can become clogged over time. Use an air compressor, set to about 60 psi, to blow dirt out of the tiny holes.


Our Fort Myers Carpet Cleaning Company absolutely loves what we do! We are always here for you! Please call us anytime with any questions, and we’ll be happy to help you in any way that we can!

We’re open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!
Steaming Mad Carpet Cleaners of Fort Myers (239) 454-3522 


 New to Ft Myers? We would love to help! Here are some of our Fort Myers Carpet Cleaning Customers Favorite Restaurants and Things To Do!


 Our Carpet Cleaning Fort Myers Customer’s Favorite Restaurants:

1.   Kenwood Lane Grille                               4.  IL Pomodoro  Italian
     12791 Kenwood Ln                                       9681 Gladiolus Dr
      Fort Myers (728-5400)                                  Ft Myers (985-0080)

2.   Brattas Seafood Steaks & Pasta             5.  Cheeseburger in Paradise
      12984 S. Cleveland Ave                                5050 Daniels Pkwy
       Ft Myers (433-4449)                                     Ft Myers (481-4386)           

3.    Famous Daves Barbeque                       6.  Veranda Restaurant
       12148 Cleveland Ave                                    2122 2nd Street
       Fort Myers (690-3283)                                  Fort Myers (240-8476)


Our Carpet Cleaning Ft Myers Customer’s Favorite Things To Do:

1.   Edison and Ford Winter Estates

2.   Manatee WorldCalusa Nature Center and Planetarium. This is open durring the winter, but you can visit the manatees in the wild!

3.   Shell Factory in North Fort Myers; You’ll find a huge shell museum that showcases thousands of exotic shells found all over Florida! Our carpet cleaning Fort Myers customer’s say that their “kids love to watch Santa and the Elves at the North Pole preparing for his big trip in December at the Christmas Exibit!”

4.   Relaxing with the Family at Ft Myers Beach


Our Fort Myers Carpet Cleaning Company is locally based, and is always here to help! Let us know what we can do to serve you!
We’re open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and are looking forward to your call!

Steaming Mad Carpet Cleaning of Ft Myers (239) 454-3522

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