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Carpet Cleaning

We all love to have soft and fluffy carpet in our home, but keeping the carpet clean may be another story! Our Carpet Cleaning Company specializes in giving your carpet just the right love that it needs to reduce high traffic lanes and rid those “oops stains”! Please visit Carpet Cleaning Ft Myers, Carpet Cleaning Cape Coral, Carpet Cleaning Sanibel or Carpet Cleaning Lehigh Acres for more great information on how to get a quality carpet cleaning, or tips and tricks that you can do to keep your carpet looking great inbetween professional carpet cleanings!

Tile Cleaning

Tired of sitting on the floor for hours, and scrubbing those pesky grout lines with a toothbrush on your hands and knees? Our Grout Cleaning process is sure to get your ugly grout lines back from black to white! We use a unique three step high pressure steam cleaning process to achieve the sparkling clean tile floor that you have always dreamed of! Please visit Tile and Grout Cleaning for more information on achieving a great floor cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning in Ft Myers

Today our sofas and living room furniture can sometimes see more use than our dinning room chairs do! The American family is known to eat dinner and accidently spill drinks, and at times, their entire dinner plates on our beautiful upholstrey. No worries there! Our carpet and upholstery cleaning company is specially trained to treat even the most stubborn “opps” spills on your furniture, makeing it look and smell just like new! We have just the right furniture cleaning process to treat any type of upholstery, including leather! Please visit Upholstery Cleaning Fort Myers for more great information on cleaning the upholstery, sofas and furniture in you home!


Steaming Mad Carpet Cleaning of Fort Myers was surprised to find out how historic our area really is! So to all of our favorite Fort Myers Carpet Cleaning Customers, these fun facts are just for you! 

The Original Ft Myers:   

One hundred fifty years ago, the downtown Ft Myers we know today of brick pavers, palm trees, and historic commercial buildings was non-existent. Many of our carpet cleaning customers in Fort Myers have worked in the downtown area for several years, without realizing the amazing history that occurred there one centuary ago! Back then Fort Harvie, as it was originally called, had dirt roads, a few settlers, and mainly overrun with Seminole Indians. (To the right is a picture of a Seminole Indian Village located in Fort Myers in the mid 1800s. As you can see, there wasn’t much need for professional carpet cleaning in Ft Myers in the 1800s!)
In 1850, the Fort Harvie was created to fight off these Indians, and later renamed Ft Myers after Colonel Abraham Myers who was stationed there. We actually never knew this either! But a few of our Ft Myers carpet cleaning clients told us of these historic tales! Sounds like a good western movie to us!

A Few  Ft Myers Famous Residents:

Thirty five years later, a young inventor discovered Fort Myers and became the 350th resident at the time. Yes, you guessed it! Thomas Edison loved our area, not just because of its tranquil beauty, but with nature, there was always something new for him to discover and use in his famous experiments.
Edison was a mentor and a great friend to Henry Ford. (Above is a picture of Edison, Ford and Firestone at Edison’s Fort Myers Home) Under Edison’s advice, Ford quit his job and followed his dreams of building the world’s first gasoline automobile. And he accomplished this dream right here in Fort Myers! It took twenty-eight thousand dollars, but in 1914 the very first Ford Car Dealership opened in Ft Myers!! (Sorry Chevy fans, Ford cars made it to Fort Myers first!) And yes, we have to say it! Steaming Mad Carpet Cleaning in Fort Myers dose use Ford trucks!!

Fort Myers Role in World War II:       

Then the days of World War II came. Florida had airport bases in every county. (If you can explain why our state was so popular in being for airport bases in WWII, call us to recieve 5% off your next Ft Myers Carpet Cleaning.) In 1940, the Page Field Airport was actually used for just that! Thousands of soldiers were stationed there with their families, and many of them made Fort Myers their permanent home after the war ended. This created a huge boost in the population! And at this point, the need for service companies, like Fort Myers Carpet Cleaning Companies, began to grow as well!

Yes, Ft Myers has changed quite a bit since the late eighteenth century. We no longer need protection from hostile Indians, and now there is a whole option of automobile dealerships to choose from on Route 41!
However, we can all still go downtown, and feel that “old charm” that Fort Myers, the “City of Palms” has! After all, Ft Myers is actually the most popular city in the nation to visit in the holiday season! 



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It’s amazing to see how much history the area has, especially since it’s relatively new! So Steaming Mad Carpet Cleaning of Cape Coral took the time to learn of this historic story about a brother’s dream of building a land in paradise. So to all of our favorite Cape Coral carpet cleaning customers… these fun facts are just for you!

The Birth of Cape Coral:

In 1957, two brothers from Maryland flew over Redfish Point. Leonard and Jack Rosen were two land sculptors and very interested in Southwest Florida. When flying over the future Cape Coral, they dropped coins out the window and declared that the land below “won’t know what hit it”!
The brothers purchased what we now know today as Cape Coral for $680,000. They envisioned a city where people could retire to a beautiful waterfront home, gorgeous sunshine, and endless summer activities.
Leonard and Jack Rosen designed their dream community to have over 400 miles of canals, so that there would be multiple opportunities to live on the waterfront. We actually find that 90% of our Cape Coral carpet cleaning customer’s homes is directly on a canal, or right across the street from a canal! This provides endless opportunities of fishing, canoeing or boating!

Cape Coral’s 1st Home Sales Techniques:

  • The brothers hired salesmen, and purchased airplanes to take perspective buyers for a free ride. The pilots would drop a bag of flower out the window from the air to mark the lot that the buyers wanted to purchase.
  • Property tours were given by a convertible car that could drive on land and then right into the water. (If you know the name of this crazy car, call us to receive 5% off your next Cape Coral carpet cleaning!)
  • Homes were given as prizes on game shows, such as The Price Is Right.
  • Salesmen were sent to different countries to sell Cape Coral land. They traveled to Japan, Italy and Germany to name a few, which is also why Cape Coral has such a large German Community today! And it’s true! We find that a huge part of our Cape Coral carpet cleaning clients actually are from Germany!

Cape Coral’s 1959 House Prices:

  • 2 Bedroom Home $11,000
  • 3 Bedroom Home $26,000
  • Finance plan of $20 down, and $20 per month

Cape Coral’s Bridge

And the population in Cape Coral then, in 1960, was 280 people. That’s how many Cape Coral carpet cleaning homes we service in one month!
Mail was brought from Ft Myers by boat, and residents had to travel over twenty miles to purchase common groceries. If it was that difficult back then to get a loaf of bread, imagine how difficult it would be to call a company to come and perform professional carpet cleaning in Cape Coral in the 1960’s! We never realize how easy it is today to have a Cape Coral Carpet Cleaning Company come to our home!
Needless to say, a bridge was necessary and built in 1964 which connected Cape Coral to Fort Myers. At this point, professional Fort Myers Carpet Cleaning Companies could begin their journey over the bridge to take care of Cape Coral carpet cleaning, which probably had never been performed in many homes!

The area defiantly came a long way from the 1957 Rosen brother’s first plane ride! However, one thing hasn’t changed; Cape Coral is still a beautiful waterfront community that they dreamed of so many years ago!
Steaming Mad Carpet Cleaning in Cape Coral is locally based and we love our area! We probably won’t arrive at your home by a convertible car that can drive on land and water, and you can also count on us not to drop a bag of flower over your home by plane. But, you can count on a great carpet cleaning in your Cape Coral home, and sparkling floor when we’re done!

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We all love Sanibel! Unfortunately, our Sanibel Carpet Cleaning Company tends to become so busy, we don’t have much of an opportunity to enjoy the scenery! We usually only have a chance to enjoy the gorgeous ocean view, when our Captiva and Sanibel carpet cleaning customer’s homes have “beach view” carpet!

Below are some pretty neat facts that will be sure to entertain you! Wheather you’re a full time islander or a snowbird, Steaming Mad Carpet Cleaning on Sanibel will be sure to help you learn more about the Island we’ve all come to love!

Naming Sanibel

  • Sanibel was discovered by an explorer, who was searching for the “Fountain of Youth”, named Juan Ponce de Leon. He named Sanibel “Santa Isybella” after the Queen Isabella in the early 1500s.

Naming Captiva

  • A famous pirate named Gaspar buried much of his stolen treasure on Sanibel.
  • Gaspar built a prison on the island next to Sanibel, which he named “Isle de los Captivas”, where he held women from wealthy families “captive” for ransom.

Sanibel’s Famous Ferries

The days of the Sanibel ferries began in 1928, when two brothers saw the importance of transporting people to Sanibel as a regular routine service. George and Andrew Kinzie started the service with only one boat and a charge of 50¢ each way. But the two brothers never realized how popular and a part of history their service would become.
Their small one boat business quickly grew to a large fleet of four ferries that would travel to Sanibel every fifteen minutes from Ft Myers. (Do you know the names of the four ferries? Call us with the correct answer to receive 5% off your next carpet cleaning on Sanibel)
On May 26th, 1963 the Sanibel Bridge opened. Captain Crumpler, the Skipper of the four ferries, was the first car to cross this new landmark. The new bridge also gave way for service companies to care for the residents of Sanibel. Now, professional Ft Myers carpet cleaning companies could begin their journey over the bridge to take care of Sanibel carpet cleaning, which probably had never been performed in many homes.

And, in 2007 a new bridge opened to replace the original drawbridge. Although we all know it was necessary, Steaming Mad Carpet Cleaning of Sanibel still misses the island feel of watching sailboats cross as the old drawbridge opens!

Sanibel Seashells

Did you know that Sanibel is the 3rd best place in the entire world to find seashells? We didn’t know this either! But some of our Sanibel carpet cleaning customers take shelling very seriously, and in fact, started vacationing here solely because of that! They said it was the best place to go shelling because the island stretches from east to west, instead of north to south like most islands. Therefore, the island acts like a big shelf for seashells to come and gather!

The Best Secrets of Shelling

Okay, so this is top secret shelling information! After doing so much carpet cleaning in Sanibel homes, with these gorgeous, exotic shells displayed all over, Steaming Mad Carpet Cleaning of Sanibel was dying to know what the trick was in finding these incredible shells! And we’re not talking about common shells that you see on the beach every day. No, we wanted to know about how to find the big exotic shells that look like they should be delicately displayed on a shelf inside of the Shell Factory!

Finally, a few of our Sanibel carpet cleaning customers let us in on the big secret! It’s simple enough, but they swear that these simple tips work! So to all of our Sanibel carpet cleaning, “shell loving” clients out there, these tips are just for you! Below are the best times and circumstances to go shelling:

  • Right after a big storm. The rough waves bring exotic shells from the gulf into the beach.
  • During a full moon, at low tide.

The Birth of Sanibel’s CROW

Crow actually began when a woman who lived on Sanibel, Shirley Walter, found a bird that was hit by a car, in 1968. She brought the bird home and nursed it back to health.
Shirley, and a group of her friends, decided to care for injured wildlife, since these helpless animals had nowhere else to turn. And, that first year, they helped five hundred animals! Imagine how the carpet must have looked after caring for all of these animals! Her home must have needed a good Sanibel carpet cleaning! 

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 To much of our surprise, many of our Lehigh Acres carpet cleaning customers didn’t know about this unique tale! So Steaming Mad Carpet Cleaning in Lehigh Acres thought it would be important to include this interesting story on our fun facts page! 

Lehigh Acres First Owner:

Lehigh Acres actually began when a Chicago business man decided to “write off his taxes”. In 1951, Lee Ratner sold his very successful pest control company for seven million dollars, and like a true business man, decided to reinvest the money rather than paying taxes on his profit, so he bought what is now Lehigh Acres and created a large farm there.
All of Lehigh was owned by this one man.

Back in the 1950s, Lehigh Acres was extremely different than it is today, and the cows owned by Ratner were the only full time residents! Unfortionatly, back then there really wasn’t much of a need for carpet cleaning in Lehigh Acres! But the area was quickly about to change!

How Lehigh Acres Came Into Existence

Three years later, some of Ratners family members were trying to convince him to create a community out of his large ranch. One night, he spoke of this idea to his some of his friends, and with the help of a few beers, the group spoke of what his ranch would be like if they created individual lots and built homes were people could come and retire. They dreamt of where the streets would go, and brainstormed what they would name them.
Shortly after that, Lee Ratner went to work! His ranch of cattle quickly became Lehigh Acres! (Do you know the name of Ratner’s ranch? Call us with the answer to receive 5% off your next carpet cleaning in Lehigh Acres!) Just like today, back then Lehigh was incredibly affordable. Families and retirees loved the fact that they could have their very own piece of Florida soil for only $10 down and $10 per month! The area quickly grew, and with it was the need for locally based carpet cleaning companies to come and perform professional carpet cleaning in Lehigh Acres for these new residents!
Land was also donated to build temples and churches, and created miles of canals to provide water views and a drain off for heavy rainfall. Many of our Lehigh Acres carpet cleaning clients have said they love to canoe and fish in these fresh water canals!

Ratner had advertisements nationwide, even extending to Europe. Needless to say, Germans fell in love with the small town Florida charm of Lehigh Acres! This is probably why so much of our carpet cleaning clients in Lehigh Acres are actually from Germany!
Lee Ratner would have never believed how far the area would have come from the days of his tax write offs, his cattle ranch, and one fun night of dreaming up street names! Families, vacationers and retirees love fishing and canoeing in the miles of canals, biking on paved nature trails, or golfing on several luxury courses all based in this new and upcoming town! Today, young families find this area to be very affordable, and they also make up a large portion of our Lehigh Acres carpet cleaning customers!
In the next thirty years, it’s estimated that Lehigh Acres’ population will grow to 300,000 people alone! That will be a lot of dirty carpet which will need professional carpet cleaning in Lehigh Acres! It’s also a long way from a single owned farm and some cattle!!

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